” Howdy John,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I know we would never be homeowners if it weren’t for you. There isn’t a loan broker on earth that would have cared enough about us to go through all that you did to get this done. You are appreciated and I hope to someday meet you in person.

-CC and Henry

” Dear Mr. Hooper,
Great thank you very much you saved me from a fate worse than death, thank you.”

– Bill Lanier

” Dear Mr. Hooper,
Thank you, John for all your help this afternoon. I was amazed at the amount and type of information you were able to access so quickly and quite taken aback at what it all means. I did put in a call to my attorney and will follow through to amend the problems because, as I tried to make clear, this is a place that really inspired me and will help me regain myself for at least the next 20-30 years, regardless of the price. That is, of course, assuming (and I do) live that long. I did meet the 33yr.old owner/builder and he took the original structure down to the foundation and rebuilt it, with some help, but doing most of the work himself. Quite the accomplishment with this amazing result. This is special…I enjoyed talking with you and I hope to again, especially if for some reason this place doesn’t sell right away.”

-Salvatore Jhon Palmieri

” Thanks John, You the Man! It’s so easy dealing with You. I trust you to the get the job done . I knew this one would be easy for you, compared to the first one. Thanks again, God Bless you your Family and business.!”

-Glenn Waller

“Thanks John for the fantastic work on our behalf! Getting our home refinanced at a much lower interest rate with cash out for a few of the upgrades we want to make is a dream come true; especially after we had been turned down so often in the past. Your knowledge, expertise and determination are amazing. You are our Hero!!!!”

Best to you,
– Jay and Aundrea

“John Hooper you are the man. At first with several liens on my property I didn’t think you could get us a VA
REFI-LOAN. But you did and all your transaction and connections was super smooth. John is a VA EXPERT he prove that to me. I would recommend all my family and friends to John. This Guy is awesome. Thanks again John, God Bless you and your business.”

- Glenn & Sorita

“Hello John, Jay and I wish you and those you love MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! October and November was a wild ride, which ended just as you predicted it would, with a new home mortgage at a much reduced interest rate. Thank you for making this the brightest Holiday Season we’ve experienced in a very long time. We look forward to working with you again in a few months. In the mean time we will continue to grow our savings account and prepare for the future. Best Wishes to you and your team and Thank You for a job well

Aundrea and Jay Jackson, Jr.

“This review of John Hooper Mortgage is to let you know that John worked very hard on getting my family into the house we chose. John is a Viet Nam veteran and knows what the VA home loan is all about. I would recommend John to any vets who want to buy a home. John has an A1 rating in my personal view.”

-Ron & Cynthia Dickson

“Good afternoon John,

I wanted to take the time and thank you for all you help and quality service you provided to us on our loan. You certainly went above and beyond on helping us and at the same time provided us with service as if we were family. It so hard to find such personable service these days and I can certainly say you went above and beyond for us. You are very prompt and it was so pleasant to speak with you every time I called. You were very patient and explained everything in fine detail as we went along and handled everything from the termite inspection to the appraisal and the company’s your work with are top notch they called on schedule just as you had told us they would, and they were very professional as well. True customer service is very hard to find these day and you truly exceeded our expectations. You John made this a very wonderful experience and we just want to say Thank You again and you will be highly recommended by us. Thanks so much for caring about our veterans and all your support and Thank You for all your years of service.”

-Daniel and Lisa Fishtrom

“Thank you so much John for all you did for us. It was a little hectic, like all refinances of loans are, however you made the experience more enjoyable. Thank you for your patience as I turned items in. Your follow up made it very helpful. I would recommend John Hoover’s service to anyone. He will look out for you all the way to the end of funding the loan. Thanks again!!”

-Danita R. Hinton

“Thank you so much for working on it so quickly, I will definetly recommend you to others :) I will tell Matt he will be so happy. Enjoy your weekend as well :)”


“Woot woot ! Thanks for your help , I will send people your way ! A few of our friends are ready to refi, you were very professional and easy to work with! Thanks Janet and Juan , he’s at work I will let him know !!!!”

-Janet Torres

“John, it was a pleasure doing business with you. You were on it and made should a rock that needed to be lifted/turned over to get answers you did it. Also the information that you provided was on point. While I was working with you, there were actually two others bothering me to do the refinance. I address them with questions that you provided to me and just like in poker they folded. I will recommend you to my friends whenever they decide to the same. Outstanding job and I truly appreciated all the effort that put forth, thank you.”

-Hector Terreforte

“Thanks John, this went really easy, anything that came up you handled it with ease, again thanks!”

-Jack Buck

“John Hooper has recently helped me to obtain a refinance of my VA loan at a substantially reduced 30 year fixed rate of interest. In these tough economic times a significantly lower monthly payment has been greatly appreciated. I also skipped two payments; one on the old loan and one on the new. I even got my entire impound account balance back from the old lender. Additionally, I was able to include in the refinance the funds to purchase and install an energy efficient pump for my pool. Choosing a disabled Vet to handle my refinance was a smart move. John’s aggressive and seamless performance in paying off my old loan and structuring my new one was outstanding, earning my highest of recommendations.”

-N. Goodale Captain USMC

“Happy Holidays to John Hooper, My experience with the VA IRRL went very smooth as explained by John. There were no issues, no problems, everything is good. Please thank John a lot for me.”

-Jorge Perez
Soledad, CA

“I refinanced my home in January of 2012 under the VA Energy Efficient program. I also upgraded my heating and air while reducing my interest rate. I saved on my monthly mortgage payment and heating and air bill. John Hooper was very tenacious in getting me closed. I really appreciated his attention to detail and getting the job done.”

-Cheri Skajem
Riverside, CA

“I was in an adjustable loan and needed to refinance. I could not find a reputable company, so when the postcard came in the mail from John Hooper I was very happy that he was a veteran. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out. I referred him to another close veteran of mine. Thank you so much again John Hooper. I will continue to refer and do business with him.”

Paseo Robles, CA

“There is only 4 words to say about MR. JOHN HOOPER: ( YOU ARE THE BEST ). From one vet to another along with my wife, thank you my brother. May God always be with you as you continue, not only to help vets but all others. For those of you that might read this testimonial, know that JOHN is the MAN!! I definitely recommend Mr. John Hooper for all your mortgage needs. Because of your services, I’m now looking to buy a brand new house, and when I find it I will be calling you and only you! Thank you John. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.”

-Ronn & Wife

“John, I want to thank you for your help on the refinance on my home. I have refinanced my home three times since
buying it to take advantage of the low interest rates. You made this last refinance for my wife and I the easiest
because of being so knowledgeable on all of the the VA information. You saved me money on my property taxes.The
other two mortgage brokers I did my refinances with never told to me how I could save money on my property taxes,
They never brought it up and unlike the other mortgage brokers you was always easy to get in touch with and was
able to answer all my questions. If I ever refinance again your my guy. I will highly recommend you to all of my
friends and family are anyone looking to refinance.”

-Nick Pennucci

“John, thank you for all your help with my new refinance thru the VA. You and your company made it so easy to do
my new VA loan and it was so smooth and easy, I would recommend any one that wants to refinance. to do so with
you and your company, with no reservations, thanks again.”

-michael (sarge) sarver

“I still can’t believe you were able to get it done. And the bad credit items that were wrong you got them fixed and the problem I had with the IRS lean which most people just told me there was nothing they could do for me, you got that taken care of. And the rate was fantastic. I’m sure my wife and I will be able to stay in our home now that you helped us get our life back in order. Thanks for all your help and the long hours you put in to get this done.”

-Bill and Kay Lanier

“John, thanks for everything you have done for me. I don’t believe we’re finally here. Boy am I relieved. Again thank you and Merry Christmas.”

“Thanks for all your help in our refinance. Hope your New Year is Blessed.”

“John, thanks again John! Always a pleasure to deal with you. We’ll be back when we are ready to jump into a 15 year loan, maybe in about 18 months.”



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