Documents Needed for a VA Loan Process


The most important thing to recognize is the loan approval process is 100% dependent on documentation. Documents apply to which program you are applying for: (P) Purchase (C) Cash-out (S) Streamline % Rate Reduction

VA Eligibility Information

  • DD214 (P) (C)

Employment Information

  • Most recent two years’ complete tax returns with all schedules (P) (C) (Only if you receive overtime income)
  • Most recent two years’ W-2’s, 1099s, etc. (P) (C)
  • Most recent pay stubs, covering one month’s time (P) (C)
  • If applicable, self-employed will need two years’ tax returns and YTD profit & loss statement

Bank Account Information

  • Most recent months’ complete bank statement (P) (C) 
  • Must reflect deposits for VA, Disability, Retirement Income, Social Security

Credit Information

  • Most recent statements for your bills, indicating minimum payments and account numbers (C)
  • Name, Address, and phone number for your landlord, or 12 months’ canceled rent checks (P)
  • If applicable: Should you have no credit, copies of your most recent utility bills will be needed (P)
  • If applicable: Copy of complete bankruptcy and discharge papers (P)(C)
  • If applicable: If you co-signed a mortgage, car, credit card, etc., 12 months’ canceled checks, front and back, indicating you are not making payments (P) (C) (Depends on debt ratios)

Personal Information

  • Copy of your driver’s license (P) (C) (S)
  • Copy of Social Security card (P) (C) (S)
  • If applicable: Copy of complete divorce, palimony, alimony papers (P) (C) (S)
  • If applicable: Copy of Green Card (P) (C) (S)

If It’s For A Refinance And You Own A Rental Property Or Second Home

  • Copy of note
  • Copy of property tax bill
  • Copy of hazard (homeowner’s) insurance policy
  • Copy of payment coupon for current mortgage
  • If property is a rental, need rental agreement for lease

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